What We Do

At Luminesim, we build simulation tools that help you test policy, predict likely outcomes, and discover unexpected solutions to organizational problems. We specialize in complex spaces where solutions may be difficult to find and where resources are limited.

Our members have worked on projects that have allocated millions in funding to outpatient services, informed public health research in harm reduction strategies, and are currently working on COVID-19 management tools for rural communities in Canada.


What is Simulation?

Simulation is a powerful tool for testing policy options and examining complex ‘what if’ scenarios.

Health and public policy are spaces where unintended consequences can cause ongoing problems and solutions must be carefully managed. Simulation tools can assist in decision making, funding allocation, and make cases for additional resources to improve patient, caregiver, public, and organizational outcomes.

Our Methods

Every problem has unique needs. We employ a number of simulation methods to ensure every solution is tailored to the problem at hand.

How We Can Help

Tailored solutions to complex problems.

We have years of experience in applying simulation to solve complex problems and help health regions, hospitals, policy makers, and other people-centered organizations understand and solve challenges. Contact us today to help your organization solve problems that matter.

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