Regional COVID-19 Response Simulation

Luminesim is developing a Canadian COVID-19 simulation for use by towns, smaller centers, and rural areas that want to explore future COVID-19 response strategies in conjunction with provincial and federal health authorities. It's designed to be rapidly adapted to local conditions to help these groups explore ideas before implementing them in the real world. You can read about how the tool works here, see the code here, and give feedback here.  You can even try a demo (hosted by AnyLogic) where an outbreak hits larger employers in a small town.

The RCRS is intended to be a community effort: we've built a tool that can be rapidly deployed, but information about COVID-19 changes daily and every town, city, and rural area is different. We need your help to ensure that when the tool is needed it is as good as it can possibly be. Whether you're a resident in a small town or a COVID-19 expert, we welcome your input.

How you can help:

The easiest way to get involved is to pitch in on our GoFundMe page. We're a small two-person team whose goal is to make simulation both technically and financially accessible to anyone who needs it. Contributed funds will help us achieve this goal, allowing us to expand the simulation and subsidize or make free the community projects that use it by coverings costs like software licenses, computing power, wages, and travel to meet with stakeholders (once it's safe to do so). 

If you're willing and able to jump in further, we also need these contributions:

We look forward to any input you can provide.

Stay safe, and keep those hands washed,

Luminesim Simulation and Analytics

Remember:  Always follow the guidance given by provincial and federal health authorities regarding COVID-19.  Under no circumstance should you change your local COVID-19 strategy without first engaging and gaining approval from these authorities. 

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